Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Innocence Vs. Marginalization - What is MOOORE important is LOVE & Concern for Children - NOMAD Children...

“I took this soap from her bag because I like fragrant soaps..”

“The aroma from his tiffin box was too good to resist, hence I broke his lunch box...”
A perfect blend of Absolute Transformation through  Love & Care - The Nomad
children we speak having  bad habits can also par-excel with flying colours 

“I did not have this kind of blanket, so when there was no one in the room I sneaked it in my bag…”
This may sound abnormal and alarming to you? In popular parlance such acts can be termed as theft but this kind of behavior is quite normal for children from nomadic communities. Taking any stuff, they have liked without seeking permission is a natural behavior for these children. The children hail from extremely deprived families, all they have experienced is hunger, physical and verbal abuse which in fact is second nature to these families. Access to decent meal, basic toiletries, plates and bowls, clothes, blankets, footwear etc. are a luxury to them.

Agreed that this conduct needs to be changed for better, thankfully have the opportunity to do that while they are with us staying at the hostel. The teachers and many of those working with them are fed up with such behavior, many have advised us to stop bringing such children to the hostels! But I firmly believe that if these children are fed well, are given positive experiences, have inspiring role models before them things will radically change for better for them. How else will our lovely daughters become achievers and bring such laurels for themselves and their communities, how can we stop bringing these naughty ones to stay with us at the hostel??

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