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School Uniform – A Discipline A Unity & Identity developed by VSSM amongst the Nomadic children at Vatsalya Hostel.

Students going to N.V.Patel Scho
Uniform - it signifies a standard set of clothing by a small or large group of members. For our large group - our Vatsalya Hostel children, definition of uniform when asked about was something worth sharing .. our little Jigar says “ I like the new clothes, first time a tailor has stitched my clothes”, Neha with her twinkling eyes says “ didi have you put fragrance in these clothes I have never smelt freshly ironed clothes”, 

These little wonders until now were wearing mismatch clothes, used clothes, either larger size or sometimes skin-tight, majorly torn. When we ordered tailor made Uniforms they were delighted to wear those new clothes, properly ironed, according to their sizes. Must say that Uniform has brought a self-dignity and respect amongst them.

Pros and Cons of School Uniforms : 

Going back into memories while we were students most us did not like the idea of wearing Uniform. We wanted to have the liberty to wear fashionable clothes. Have we ever thought that these Uniforms have significant impact on those children who have never been to schools. 

Students going to Municipal school Kanya Shala
These nomadic children were deprived of basic essentials leading to depressions, addictions, frustrations and negative social behaviour. Our challenge was to initially work on their EQ. Family bonding, values & ethics of life, are prime aspects of our teachings. 

Sometimes we struggle to make them understand the basic necessity of life, here we would like to share.. Earlier they had walked miles bare feet, now wearing slippers or chappals at school they tend to forget, many a times we have given them slippers, but their innocence or ignorance takes time to understand this is also a basic need.

Quick Identification: Our Vatsalya Hostel children have been enrolled in all premier educational institute of Ahmedabad. N.V. Patel Vidyala, Nutan Vidyalaya, Satyam Vidyalaya, Anand Vidyalaya & Kanya Shala 1 & 2 No.

Uniform helps us to quickly identify the school our children go to & according to their session (morning /afternoon) the hostel staff makes them ready.

Equality: Uniform gives them a sense a quality, that no matter from wherever they belong to in classroom they are at par with other students. This feeling has helped us to make them understand in every walk of like you are equal to other kids, even you have the ability to perform best in studies, sports and any co-curricular activities at schools. 

Discipline & Self Respect:  Our Hostel staff has set a best example of team work, they have grouped children age wise, school wise & volunteers daily check the uniforms are in proper manner, washed & ironed & also the personal hygiene is maintained.

Positive thoughts are written on notice board by our nomadic children, shlokas and mantras are enchanted in daily prayers, before going to school our hostel staff guide them how to maintain discipline in school, how to be friendly with other school mates, how to take care of their belongings.

These emotional comforts have created a bond between them, self-discipline and respect amongst themselves and with others.

Maintaining school uniforms: Earlier it was a big challenge and especially the white color shirts as uniform. The children aren’t accustomed carrying white clothes and the school has white frocks as uniform.  We have requested the school authorities to permit them wear denim and t-shirts which are easy to maintain and carry. 

School Uniform has developed and enhanced their capability to build uniformity & recognition of self -Identity.  

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