Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Bunk Beds - a need to accommodate more no. of children at VSSM’s hostel...

Nomadic children at our Vatsalya hostel
Sleeping accommodation needs to be suitably furnished and of sufficient size for the number, needs and ages of children accommodated, with appropriate design or pattern comfortable for all age groups of children.

The idea behind purchasing bunk beds for VSSM, Vatsalya hostel was to accommodate more number of nomadic children in small place.

Sleeping area size for girls hostel is apparently huge enough to accommodate all 73 girls. For Boys sleeping area, 12 rooms with 6 beds each are provided in each room along with there is a huge area at the ground floor to accommodate all remaining kids.
Size of each bunk bed is 2.5 x 6 ft.
No of Bunk Beds purchased are 100 – Two tier, cost of each bunk bed is Rs.5500/-.

Hostel accommodates more than 263 nomadic children..
Sleeping area, for both boys hostel & girls hostel is of adequate size and not overcrowded.

Beds are of sufficient size, stable and of sound construction, with mattresses of reasonable depth, clean and in good condition. Mattress are sufficiently warm in winter & separate bedsheets are given and alternately changed. Blankets are received from our beloved Donor Smt. Madhuben.

Bunk beds (beds fully one above the other, as distinct from cabin style beds with desk areas or storage beneath) and apparently does not lead to overcrowding of bedroom or studying space. Beds have adequate space around them for children to change comfortably, and sufficient headroom above them (particularly above bunk beds).

All kids have single bed and individual sleeping cubicles have a good air flow. There is adequate storage space either in or adjacent to sleeping areas for kids clothing and property. Kids can if they wish personalise an area with suitable posters and personal items. Staff, staff family and visitors’ sleeping accommodation is separate from children’s sleeping accommodation. Requests from children to change bed for good reasons are properly considered by hostel in charge.

Pattern of Bunk bed : We have selected a comfortable ladder style pattern of bunk bed, keeping in mind our children are from remote villages they are not used to such style of beds. Firstly they were excited of getting up onto the top bunk. Climbing ladder to reach their own bed was fun now. Earlier kids used to sit or stand on bed and challenge their physical capabilities with other mates or just flop back down while trampling over the other kid, they had quarrel for who will sleep below as there is no ladder.

Apart from the nuisance of a bathroom run in the night there is also the obvious hazard of falling out. Our hostel bunks have proper barrier or side bar and have not heard of any occasions when children in sound sleep have plummeted off.

Safety of children : Our hostel in charge always make a quick check of the slats underneath to ensure that they have not migrated off their tracks – and this will hopefully minimise the risk of a swift descent in the night or worst a severe squashing.

These children have inclination to jump on the beds, while top or bottom bunk there is always the potential to crack their head on the ceiling or the underside of the bed above, hostel in charge take cares that children should not face such injuries.

If given a choice kids always opt for the top bunk. As they experience peaceful sleep on the top. Children need good & sound sleep to ensure proper body and mind development and we at VSSM take care of this important aspect.

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